From: [email protected] (jeffnmoe)
'Echoes Myron' by Guided by Voices
from the album 'Bee Thousand'
The guitars are tuned a little sharp on this one, but not enough
to use a capo. Twist your pegs up until that opening G
sounds right.
This is how my aged ears heard the song, but I'm not totally
confident about the chords at the end...sometimes its hard to
hear through that lo-fi production...corrections are welcomed.
A - x02220 D - xx0232
B - x24442 E - 022100
Bm - x24432 Em - 022000
Bm/F# - 224432 F - 133211
C - x35553 G - 320003
(intro: G - Bm/F# - B - C - G - Bm/F# - B - C)
G Bm/F# B C G Bm/F# B C
tower to the skies an academy of lies
Bm Em A D
and what goes up surely must come down
Bm Em A D
and we felt the mighty blow up with the walls coming down
or something like that
G Bm/F# B C G Bm/F# B C
most of us are quite pleased with the same old song
Bm Em A D
and all of a sudden I'm relatively sane
Bm Em A D
with everything to lose and nothing to gain
or something like that
Bm E Bm A
man of wisdom and man of compromise
Bm G C D
man of weak flesh in an armored disguise
all fall down
G - Bm/F# - B - C (play this progression 4x)
C G Em
if its right you can tell echoes myron like a siren
with endurance like the liberty bell
and he tells you of the dreamers
but he's cracked up like the road
Em C
and he'd like to lift us up but we're a very heavy load
G Em C Bm C
and we're finally here and shit yeah its cool
G Em C Bm C
and shouldn't it be or something like that
....questions, comments and corrections to [email protected]

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