'Til Death Do Us Party
(And) I Don't Wanna Be Like That
(She's Got A) Brain Scrambling Device
(She's My) Vampire Girl
(The Girl Is) An Unsolved Mystery
50,000 Spaceships (Watching Over Me)
Are You Passionate_
Back To The Garage
Born In The Basement
Bring Her Back
Bye Bye Brain
Carly Simon
Criswell Predicts...
Dancing Late At Night
Daughter Of Frankenstein
Devil Town
Doin' Fine
Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Going To Melt)
Don't Make Me Kill You Again
Evading The Greys
Freaks On Parade
Free Bird
Fun In The Dark
Ghoulie Family
Ghoulies Are Go!
Graveyard Girlfriend
Hair Of Gold (And Skin Of Blue)
Happy Birthday
Hard Night's Day
Hats Off To You (Godzilla)
Have Your Way With Me
Hell Time
Hello Again
Hello Hello
I Ain't Talkin' To You!
I Don't Like Monday
I Wanna Have Fun
I'd Rather Be Alone (Than Be With You)
If You Need Me
Island Of Pogo Pogo
Ivy Says
Kick Ass
Leprechaun Rock
Let's Do It Again
Let's Go To The Moon
Little Medusa
Lonely Heart Blues
Lookout, Here Comes Tomorrow
Mess Me Up
Message To Pretty
My Car
Normal (Is A Million Miles Away)
Pet Sematary
Punk Pt. II
Satisfy Me
School Is In
School Is Out
She Gets All The Girls
Singing The Blues
Sleeping Beauty
Someone Is Always Not Happy
Stick It Out
That's That
The Bay Bridge Club
The Beast With Five Hands
The Highwayman
The Spell Is On
Think Of Me
To Go Home
Walk Out In The Rain
When The Kids Go Go Go Crazy
Zombie Crush