Chorus 1:
Don’t need no diamond ring
Don’t want a bunch of bling-bling
The only thing I really need is a man with a skoal ring

Chorus 2:
Don’t have to be wine and dine
We can stay home every night
I can do without anything
‘Cept a man with a skoal ring

He works a ten hour shift and comes home right on time
He don’t complain a bit when I get out of line
He ain’t rich and he might a little dirt on his hands
But that worn out circle on his jeans makes him my kind of man

Chorus 1

I’ve always been the bandit girl and he’s a long cut-in man
Somehow we still get along with different colored kin
When that boy comes home from work smelling like the farm
That very blend on his lips still turns me on

Chorus 1 and 2

One thing that gets to me is a man with a skoal ring

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