Takin all you down with me explosives
duct taped to my spine, nothing's gonna
change my mind I won't listen to anyone's
last words there's nothin left for you
to say soon you'll be dead anyway.
CHORUS~Well, no one here is gettin out alive
this time I really lost my mind and I
don't care. So close your eyes and kiss
yourself goodbye and think about the times
we spent and what they meant. To me it's
nothin (4X)
I'm losin all my happiness, the
happiness you pinned on me, loneliness
still comforts me. My anger dwells
inside of me I'm takin it all out on you
and all the shit you put me through.
Do you ever think back to another
time? Does it bring you so down that you
thought you lost your mind? Do you ever
wanna lead a long trail of destruction
and mow down any bullshit that confronts
you? Do you ever build up all the small
things in your head to make one problem
that adds up to nothin? To me it's nothin (4X)

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