The Angel Song
Great White
Fallen angel
Ripped and bruised
Think on better days
Life is rude
Treats you bad
Tears your wings away
Raise your eyes to star and sky
Believe in fly aways
Take your dreams, your broken schemes
And sweep the past away
Fly lonely angel
High above these streets of fire
Fly lonely angel
Far away from mad desire
Hollywood ain't paved with gold
It's just a trick of light
Sunset falls on stars of old
And blinds you with its light
A spider's web of tangled lives
Lays stretched across the hills
From distances it's glistening
Like El Dorado's halls
The dream was light
And fragrant nights
But how were you to know
The streets are hard
They're mean and scared
Where only fools find gold
Fly lonely angel
Spread your wings another way
Fly lonely angel
Find a better way
A better day
From: "Susan Gornati"

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