Verse 1:
You were the one, the one in my dreams, but I never knew it
I wanted to tell you, time and again, but I couldn't do it
All that you, are is all that I need, no more predending
Now I can be me, you can be you, and we never ending
We'll be together, always together, like birds of a feather
Forever and ever, we'll be together
Verse 2:
I like what you got, I guess it's okay if you want to show it
I am what I am, and I'm over you, just want you to know it
Will I ever score?
There's is nothing wrong with just liking each other
We all had our doubts, but it"s working out with one and other
Chorus 2x
Like birds of a feather, forever and ever
We'll be together, always together
We'll be together, always together

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