Little girl, you know who I mean
Pretty soon, she'll be seventeen
They tell me her name is Betty Jean
Ha-ha-ha rock 'n' roll party queen.
Friday night and she's got a date
Going places just a stayin' out late
Dropping dimes in the record machine
Ah-ha-ha rock 'n' roll party queen
Pa pa pa pa pa oh no!
Can I have the car toniiiiiiight
Baby baby can I be the one
To love you with all my might (IY YI YI YI)
She's the girl, that all the kids know
Talk about her where ever she goes
I could write a fan magazine
About that rock 'n' roll party queen
Ba ba baa ba you should see her shaaaake
Baby baby dont call it puppy love
Dontcha wanna true romance? (IY YI YI YI)
Oh rockin' and a rollin' little party queen
Were gonna do the stroll hey party queen
You know I love you so my party queen
Your my rockin'
And my rollin'
PARTY QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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