Featuring Hell Razor Killah Priest

[Hell Razor]
Yo there's still time
As the door close the cold wind blows
Down America like the world of Jericho
Some will walk the sheet close
Many are called but few are chose
Who knows until the day they be exposed
UFOs surround the globe
The world is prepared to explode
So I grab hold of the North Pole
Not tryin to meet the lost soul, at the crossroad
We're being sucked up into the black hole
Young becomes old, mighty clouds roll
Unfold the scrolls that were foretold
By the forefathers, the end of the world saga
Streets flooded with lava, mommas and pappas
Toppers, hip hoppers, and rastas
Rock stars and mobsters, above streets in helicopters
Filled with doctors, bring the death rasta
Guts spillin out like pasta
Sky, misty, often tipsy, from off the whiskey
The gypsy, told me, my chances, were risky
Cops, pull up and frisk me, but never could they get me, too shifty
I will go into my dungeon, and summon up the second comin
People started runnin, aliens with hair like rastafarians
Captured, placed inside of aquariums, studied by scientists
This is it, the Apocalypse
I see the mother ship, above the cliff, over Egypt, it made me sea sick
I see the eclipse, and the abyss, the night shifts

Chorus x 2 :
It's Repentance Day! Repent for your sins when the gates of Heaven open
Up and Hell's closin in!

[Grym Reaper]
The archangel imprison my soul into a prism
Usin cell division and molecular collision
Within me
He listen and analyze the heartbeat and rhythms
Of children that he brutalized
My ears became used to the vibes of ruined lives
Sounds in the chamber I was hiden in
Was so spine-tinglin I was tremblin
Envisionin the fear, here within a new Millenium
Where rain became toxic, the air's stale and noxious
Comets hit co-ops with force that made blocks split
Flocks tried to escape but fate did make even hard rocks fly
As nuclear dropped out of the sky, killin birds and to fear
For hydroperoxide and sodium oxide, deep down outta basements
Fish turned lopside and upside down from atomic facelifts
Through the blackness I saw John the Baptist, on the atlas
Holdin the masters to my Psalm under his arm
But long before I even wrote 'em, 23 elders each wrote me a Psalm
And placed them within my motor neurons
It contained the aproximate date of the Apocalypse
Deposited in scripts of the 20th century prophets
The clock ticks, tick, tick, tick
Upon the land borders, I count down the manslaughters
Military camcorders under ocean waters
Red October causin fish to grow arms, legs, tits, and double heads
Mutating the eggs as the radiation spreads over the water beds
I watch Mother Nature as she bled
Grym, was placed in skin casing to being lacing hyms through the basement
Won't be no escapin from the South to the North
Where you run ten paces and your face is fallin off!


[Killah Priest]
Raise the Hell
Waitin for angels like Rafael
Comin from space to trace and grace
Thrown in jail cells I had a purpose since the sperm cell
To bail out and get braille
For the blinded children in Israel
Kids can't forget the bell fucked
Dollar bills and drug deals by the mayor
Controls the people livin legal
Sit back and chill, until Tower of Evil
Two thousand and one holy men with force fields
Levitatin space ships, earthquake hits, United States splits
Projects turn to snake pits, seekers of the Masons came to Revelations
Babylon destroyed by the nations aggravations
Riots in the train stations
Criminals grabbin cops, snakes rattlin, angels draggin
Seven head dragons out the Roman empire, surrounded with fire
Liars in the Pentagon droppin nuclear bombs, ran, panic
But still, was trapped on the planet
Died before the mother ship landed
Only the chosen ones understand it
Some can't cuz of t.v. brain damage, no time to be romantic
This day your independence and repentance

"Now I see the light, My whole life is moving in one direction. I see
That now, there never was a choice for me."


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