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A Month Of Sundays
A Picture Of Me (Without You)
All I Want And Need Forever
Break My Mind
Bury Me In A Jukebox
Chiseled In Stone
Do You Believe Me Now
For A Minute There
I Wonder Where We'd Be Tonight
Is It Raining At Your House
Love is Like an Echo (с табами)
Love Is Like An Echo
Loving You Is Like Losing
Loving You is Like Losing (с табами)
My Baby Sings The Blues (с табами)
My Baby Sings The Blues
Never My Love
Singer Of Sad Songs
Slow Burning Memory
That Just About Does It, Don't It
The Garden
Time Stood Still
Too Long Gone
We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds
What Would Your Memories Do
Who Are You Gonna Blame It On This Time
Would These Arms Be In Your Way
You Never Cross My Mind