From [email protected] (Brian R Ross)
Subject: CRD: Gordon Lightfoot - Softly
Date: 12 Apr 1994 20:47:01 GMT
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]
Feel free to correct!!!
Amaj7 = x02120
Bm7 = x24232
E = 022100
A7 = x02020
D = xx0232
Dm6 = xx0201
D6 = xx0202
G7 = 320001
A = x02220
Amaj7 Bm7 E Amaj7 Bm7
Softly she comes, whispers the breeze with her passing
E Amaj7 A7 D
In secret love, she is laughing
Dm6 Amaj7 D6 (A D6)
Softly she comes in the night
Down the darkened hall I hear her footsteps on the stair
Then she is in my arms once more
Softly she sighs,
Sweetly she lies never sleeping
Her fragrance all in my keeping
Softly she comes in the night
Then softly she goes,
Her shining lips in the shadows,
Whispering good-bye at my window
Softly she goes in the dawn
Correct at will,
Brian Richard Ross

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