All The Same To Me
All The Same to me (с аккордами)
Backstreet Girl (с аккордами)
Backstreet Girl
Easy To Be Hard
Easy to be Hard (с аккордами)
Fear Of Falling
Fear of Falling (с аккордами)
Glad & Sorry
Glad And Sorry (с табами)
He's A Dick
Hes a Dick (с табами)
I Can't Keep From Talking
I Can't Keep From Talking (с аккордами)
If I Only Had A Car
Ill Fated
Jane (с аккордами)
Jennifer Save me (с аккордами)
Jennifer Save Me
Long Time Ago
Looking Forward To Seeing You
Looking Forward to Seeing You (с аккордами)
Lost Love (с аккордами)
Lost Love
Making Waves (с аккордами)
Making Waves
Nowhere Bound
Pecan Pie
Please Tell My Brother
Please Tell my Brother (с аккордами)
Radio King (с табами)
Radio King
Red Headed Stepchild
Reflections on me (с аккордами)
Reflections On Me
She Don't Have to See You
Shooting Star (с аккордами)
Shooting Star
Son (с аккордами)
To Call My Own
To Call my Own (с аккордами)
Until You Came Along (с аккордами)
Until You Came Along
Walk Where he Walked
White Shell Road
Williamton Angel
Won't be Coming Home
Yesterday Cried