From [email protected] (Peter Simko)
Subject: TAB: The Musical Box (Genesis)
Date: 15 Mar 1994 00:58:33 GMT
Hi All. I've picked up a few gems here and there over
the last couple of months so I guess it's time to start
contributing as well. Much thanks to the genius who posted
Pleiades by King's X!
Anyway, what we have here is essentially the intro to
The Musical Box by Genesis as it is performed on Genesis Live.
I've also managed to pick out to first couple of arpeggios
that immediately follow. Obviously, this is by no means complete!
If anyone out there has more, or wants to make corrections, feel
free! I'd like this to be a group effort, if at all possible.
Key of F#min (I think, I suck with theory)
F# C#sus4 F# C#sus4
I'm not convinced that the C#sus4 is right, but there are two
guitars going here, and it's tough to get the voicing exactly
From here...
Play me Old King Cole....
Bm F#
>snip here

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