The grey of evening fills the room
No need to look outside
Oh to see or feel the rain

I reach across to touch her
But I know that she's not there
Rain keeps running down the window pane
Time is running out for me

Can't you see what you are doing to me
Can't you see what you have done
As I try to pass another long and sleepless night
A hundred crazy voices call my name
As I try to pass them by
I can almost believe that she is here
She's in the glow of the night

Do you know what you have done
Do you know what you've begun
Do you see we shall never be together again
All of my life

Oh the lonely people, the empty rooms
Pointless violence, silent tombs
Could it be that we shall be together again

Sheets of double glazing help to keep outside the night
Only foreign city sirens can cut through
Nylon sheets and blankets help to minimise the cold
But they can't keep out the chilling sounds
Will the nightmare soon give way to dreaming
That she is here with me
She's in the glow of the night

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