Peaked at # 42 in 1961
One of the first hits produced by young Phil Spector, who spent a then-unprecedented
$14,000 recording this song at New York's Bell Sound Studios in late June of 1961. Gene
Pitney reportedly had a cold while trying to sing this song in the studio, forcing him to
Sing the final verses in falsetto. Arranged by Alan Lauber, and featuring backing vocals
By The Halos. Single b/w "Mr. Moon, Mr. Cupid and I." Two decades later, British
Singer/songwriter Sting did an homage to this song with the Police's smash 1983 hit
"Every Breath You Take."
(dip-dip, dooba bop bop) (dip-dip, dooba bop bop)
I hardly ever thank the stars above
For sending me your very precious love
You never hear me say a prayer
Of thanks to someone 'way up there
Who gave me such a lucky *break*
Oh, no, darling
Only with ev'ry breath I take
And every time we have to be apart
I hardly ever find you in my heart
And when it comes to thinking of
The thought of losing all your love
I never worry how my heart would ache
Oh, no, darling
Only with ev'ry breath I *take*
Only with ev'ry little step I *make*
Only with ev'ry little beat of my *heart*
And ev'ry single minute I'm *awake*
Oh, no, darling
Only with ev'ry breath I *take*

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