Gene Cotton

There was a lights out television show
There was an Amos and Andy on the radio
And a man on a hill runnin' round don't you know
Sayin' "ev'rybody here got to go"
Sayin' "ev'rybody here got to go"

There were some people out in Hollywood
The words they had spoken it was well understood
But three thousand miles and for ev'ryone's good
A man stood singing his song

Dancin' around all the tombstones he said
"That a man if he's livin' would rather be dead"
And he opened the eyes to the typewriter lead
And he said, "Now it won't be too long."
(Repeat chorus)

The people they gathered from miles all around
Like a Sunday in Salem they all could be found
And the lights all went out with a deafening sound
As the church bells rang once again

The curtains were drawn and the prophets had cried
When somebody screamed that the joker had lied
But the damage was done and the saints crucified
And the truth will be lost till the end
(Repeat Chorus)

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