Gemma -
Oh Im Missing you
Baby Im Missing You
Ohhoh oh oh oh
Baby im missing you

Mends - Things will Never Be the same without you

Gemma -

What Did I Do to deserve this?
i didnt even get one last kiss from you
Ohh Baby God too kYuor love from me
He Needed n angel soo it seems
I Need To Feel Your hands all over me,
i need to feel your kiss in me
I Need to feel you holding me,
I need to feel your touch...
Cuz i miss your love so much
And I Cant Keep on Living this way...
I Need you hear with me...
Why di he take you away? .. From me?


Its Hard For Me To Tell You I Love You
As Im Standing Over Your Grave
N I No Ill Never Hear Your Voice Again
Why Did You Leave Me Why Couldnt You
Just Stay Because ma world is nothing
without you Now I Dont No What Do With Ma Self.

I Would of Given You Anything Just To Make You
Happy,Just To Hear You SAy Tht You Love Me
One Last Time, I'd Go To Hell And Back Over
And Over Again Just To Prove To You, How Much I
Need You Here,There Is Nothing That I Wouldnt Do.
I Would Cry For You,Id Lie For You, And There's No doubt
That If I Could Take Your Place In Heavan, I Would Die
For You. Yes I Would,I Wold Rather Give Up My Life, Then
To See Tears In Your Eyes,I CAnt Stand To see You


I Just Dont No What To Do With Ma-Self
I CAnt Stand Looking At Those Pictures
On The Shelf, Knowing It Was Just One Week Ago,
Stood There an Too kThat Picture,
There's Just One Thing That I Wanna Know
Why Would God Wanna Hurt Me So Bad

Dose He Know How Much It Hurts ,
To Be Missing You
Baby Im Missing You
Baby im mising you..
I Love You-oh
God Damit I Love You
Why Did He Take You Away...
From me....
Cuz I Love You So
Im Miss You Soo Much Baby
I Just Cant Go on Baby

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