Stroll to the cafe
My god how time fles
And I close up my brain
And another friend dies
And me I'm just the same

Soaking up Broadway
Nightlife in Detroit
And I'd buy these New York ladies
If these light weren't so bright
And me I wasn't there

Stagger down main street
A knife in my side
I fall to the gutter
In tears but with pride
And me I'm feeling O.K.

Moving out of Central
This villain (??) knows me well
Says he'll spill the whole story
He might be lying, I can't tell
And me I'm not that kind

I've been searching for my shadow in vain
How can I be still while my lifeline remains
With him

Try to steal a needle
Bring peace to my head
And I'm stumbling down the alleys
I find killers instead
And me I'm the cause of it all

Street corner women
Are taking their toll
Now they look at me, I'm dying
And I'm growing old
And me I'm loving it all

[Some verses missing in the CD booklet.]

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