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From: Markus Dietrich
To: [email protected] (Non Receipt Notification Requested)
Subject: Gary.Numan
------------------------------ Start of body part 1
Hello James,
here is writing Markus from Germany (Wuerzburg).
( email-addr.: [email protected] )
we all enjoy the music-database You are supporting and perhaps
have founded ...
And because I think this MUSIC-BASE is used more international
and world-width, i have also a desire to YOUR's ...
I hope YOUR mind is still free (and not barred) for any kind of
music existing ...
What I want YOU to do is to insert some tracks of Gary NUMAN,
maybe in the GUITAR-Archive ...
In this case I really hope that he is not unknown to US-Guys,
which are known as more interrested in HEAVY's more than real
music ...!?!
NUMAN is known as perhaps the first superstar of the synthesizer,
but I think he is more than a musician fixed on keyboards...
His great concerts in the beginnig eighties are not only acustic
events, no they are optical unforgetable ...
But I won' t not to tell so much about my kind of music...
Gary Numan only on time came in the US-Charts, in 1979/80 with
the Track 'Cars' (Top9),but in Britain he had 8 TopTen-Tracks (2 No.1)
and 3 No.1 record's ...
The best classics are "Are 'Friends' Electric?", "Cars", "We Are
Glass", "Down in the Park" ...
The best later are "She's got Claws", "Music for Chameleons",
"We take mystery (to bed), "Worriors" ...
So if You are involved in his music you may be more interrested
in his former Tracks of the Punk-Style ...
Nevertheless I hope you are thinking globaly ( for example on britains
(or europeans) who are interrest in YOUR Base ...
Therefore I have attached the lyrics of some common songs:
"Are 'Friends' Electric?", "Cars" and "Down in the Park".
I hope You can perhaps get more musical information so You are able
to provide an entry in this Base.
beforehand many thanks
(Maybe you can tell me via net why You are angry about my letter if
there it is)
>Are 'Friends' Electric?

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