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100% Chance of Rain
Amazing Grace
Anything Goes
Baby Bye Bye
Back in Her Arms Again
Between Two Fires
Bread and Water
Bring Him Home
Chrome Plated Heart
Don't Throw Wood on a Dying Fire
Draggin' the Lake for the Moon
Finishing Touches
Full Moon on An Empty Heart
Headed for a Heartache
Heaven's Hell Without You
How Did I Get Here
How Great Thou Art
I Can Feel the Fire Goin' Out
I'd Be the First To Fall in Love Again
I'll Never Stop Loving You
Leave Me Lonely
Let Me, Let Me
Lone Star Night
Love Don't Work That Way
Love's Amazing Grace
Mama You Can't Give Me No Whippin'
Maybe Now You'll See
Miles Across the Bedroom
Moosechin Stew
My Finest Hour
My Son
Never Had a Love Song
One Fall Is All It Takes
One More Look At You
Plain Brown Wrapper
Promised Land
Runaway Hearts
Second Hand Heart
She Keeps Me in One Piece
Somebody Lives There
South December Road
Texas Bound
The Light May Not Be On
The Love She Found in Me
The Man Upstairs
The Way I Love You Tonight
The Wind Beneath My Wings
These Days
Time Will Tell
Try Gettin' Over You
Velvet Chains
Wayfaring Stranger
What You Gonna Do About Her
Where Love Is Concerned
Where Love Is King
Why Lady Why
Wind Beneath my Wing (с табами)
Wind Beneath My Wings