Gary Lewis & the Playboys

(Bass voice: Flake, flake, do the flake, do the flake, flake, flake)
(Other backup voices sing same)

Everybody from miles around
Comes out dancin' when they hear this sound
Crazy new dance that's the top of the town
It's the flake

You get Peggy & I'll get Sue
We'll head on down to Malibu
All our friends will be there too
Doin' the flake

Surf, sand, sun & fun
Makes the day at Malibu Run
Stop, listen when you hear that beat
It's easy to do, just move your feet

Shootin' the curl till the surf's all gone
Dance in the sand with your baggies on
Grab yourself a chick & swing along
To the flake

(same backup routine as at beginning)

From: Collins Crapo

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