(Brooker / Fisher)

Don't you listen to a word they're saying
We're in love and that's the way we'll stay forever
It doesn't matter what they think about us
I know that you and I'll work it out together
They can't stand to see us caring
Can't believe what we are sharing

They tell me I'm a gentleman of leisure
And you're just a woman of pleasure
Maybe it's only infatuation
We don't care it's a lovely situation
Don't they know it's not the way we planned it
Guess they'll never really understand it

Two fools in love
Blessed from above
Two hearts as one
Two fools in love
Nowhere to run
Two hearts as one

If people had their way they'd part us
Separate lives and far removed from each other
So let's leave the world we know behind us
We'll walk away girl as lovers
It's no crime that need our time defending
Just a case of love that's never ending

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