She's sun and rain,
She's fire and ice,
A little crazy,
But it's nice,
And when she gets mad,
You best leave her alone,
Cause she'll rage just like a river,
Then she'll beg you to forgive her,
Oh she's every woman,
That I've ever known.

She's so New York,
And then L.A.,
And every town along the way,
She's every place that I've never been,
She's makin' love,
On rainy nights,
She's a stroll through Christmas lights,
She's every everything I wanna do again.

It needs no explanation,
Cause it all makes perfect sense,
When it comes down to temptation,
She's on both sides of the fence.(2x)

She's everything but typical,
She's so unpredictable,
But even at her worst,
She ain't that bad,
She's as real as real can be,
And she's every fantasy,
Lord, she's every lover that I've ever had...
And she's every lover that I've never had.

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