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From: [email protected] (theTone)
Every Now And Then - Garth Brooks (Mondlock/Brooks)
The notes between ( ) are actually played, but it's easier and sounds more
identifiable if you leave them out. Maybe it's even a second guitar...
On the verses you could try to find any picking that sounds right.
Maybe I'll try to figure out the verses sometime too, but this will do for
now, I'd say.
The chords are for
the verses:
D D/F# G G/A D D/F# G G/A
Bm D/A G D/F# Em D/F# G Asus4
in between verses and chorus:
D D A/C#
the chorus:
Bm F#m7/C# Emadd9 D G A
Bm F#m7/C# Emadd9 D Dsus2 Asus4 A
Every Now And Then
I walked down to the park last night
Warm breeze stirring up a soft moonlight
And my mind started drifting way back when
Yes I do think about you every now and then
The other day I saw a car like you used to drive
I got a funny feeling down deep inside
And for the briefest moment I felt a smile begin
Yes I do think about you every now and then
I love my life and I'd never trade
Between what you and me had and the life I've made
She's here and she's real, but you were too
And every once in a while I think about you
I heard a song on the radio just yesterday
The same one you always asked me to play
And when the song was over
I wished they'd played it again
Yes I do think about you every now and then
Repeat Chorus
I've been layin' here all night listenin' to the rain
Talkin' to my heart and trying to explain
Why sometimes I catch myself
Wondering what might have been
Yes I do think about you every now and then
Every now and then
Every now and then

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