Yesterday she thanked me
For oilin' that front door
This morning when she wakes
She won't be thankful anymore

She'll never know how much I cared
Just that I couldn't stay
And I'll never know the reasons why
I'd always run away

Burnin' bridges
One by one
What I'm doin'
Can't be undone

And I'm always hopin' someday
I'm gonna stop this runnin' round
But every time the chance comes up
Another bridge goes down

Last night we talked of old times
Families and home towns
She wondered if we'd both agree
On where we'd settle down

And I told her that we'd cross that bridge
If ever it arrived
Now through the flames I see her standing on the other side

(Repeat chorus)

Like ashes on the water
I drift away in sorrow
Knowing that the day
My lesson's finally learned

I'll be standing at a rver
Staring out across tomorrow
And the bridge I need to get there
Will be a bridge that I have burned

(Repeat chorus)

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