I waited in the summer rain
I waited till my tears stopped falling
You never came along
You had to do me wrong

You promised me, you gave your word
This time around would be all different
My heart have had enough
I'm really not that tough

You hide behind your lies
Come look into my eyes
And break my heart with honesty instead
'Cause I don't wanna cry
I'd rather say goodbye
Bye, bye
Can't take another lie

They told me not to trust in you
And finally, I do believe them
Say who's the other man
You do the best you can to hide
Tell me
Does he think you're always beautiful as I did
The very first time I laid my eyes on you
I gave my heart to you
Again and again and again


Another night
Another day
How can I go on this time without you
What can I do
what can I say
Say is there any other way

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