Gangsta Boo
North Memphis all that shit
Verse 1
Bitch Im tryin to tell you I dont fuckin play
Put you in a chokehold smoke a blunt ho and be on my way
Ho you know the cases that Im catchin I aint gone tell you twice
Ho you know Im comin when Im comin I aint nuttin nice
everybody in a circle talkin like they Riki Lake
Crazy Lady is she dat I'm with the bank
you ho's kno da business be a witness to this Memphis Queen
you ho's kno da business when I'm ridin bitch I'm ridin clean(so so High)
in a daze from da Chronic blaze
high and horny nigga wanna fuck first can I get paid
lookin at me muggin like you bitches really matta to me
call my fuckin niggas from the darkness of the BHZ
quick to handle business what's the business ho how quick is you
ridin wit my niggas super-bumpin ho i thought you knew
ridin wit my niggas super-crunkin ho i thought you knew
quick to handle business what's the business ho how quick is you, how quick is you)
You gone be a victim of yo own shit
ridin wit dem niggas on dat funk put you in a ditch
messin wit Miss Lady gonna have you missin all yo teeth
Crazy Lady comin gunnin bitches tryin to fuck wit me

Verse 2
Now I got you bitches hot all up in da spot fresh to death
wit my crazy clique smokin on some dro poppin Ex
wit my nigga E Gangsta Boo and me Crazy La-ady
dont be mad at me cuz yo nigga eat pussy
I'm da real bitch puttin Memphis on da fuckin map
everybody kno dat Gangsta Boo she from the Hata trap
gettin money now travelin through da ATL
travel to the 112
niggas ballin niggas bail
what da hell shit lemme ball with ya'll
but its kinda hard
everybody askin where da Triple 6 round off
what you bitches tryin to do
stupid ho's without a clue
nosy bitch groupie bitch check da fuckin record fool
local ass ho's be the one that like to talk dat shit
"Boo you fucked my man?" nah bitch get the fuck back
I dont love you ho's still the underground is keepin me
Superstar you'll neva see still catch me in da BHZ

Parents please watch out for yo children
Who run it

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