Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 17:15:48 -0500
From: Hideo Gumm
To: [email protected]
Subject: CRD:I_Found_That_Essence_Rare by Gang of Four
"I Found That Essence Rare"
Gang of Four
.CRD by Hideo Gumm
[email protected]
[Twelfth fret harmonics E-A-D-A for a bunch of bars, then:]
E - E - E - E - E - E - E -E - A - D - E - E - C - B - F# - F#
Paid for the body rare, you see it on TV (???)
Worst thing in 1954 was the Bikini
See the girl on the TV dressed in a bikini
She doesn't think so much, she's dressed for the h-bomb [FOR the h-bomb]

I found that essence rare, it's what I look for
C B F#
I knew I'd get what I asked for
Paid for the country fair you read it in the papers (???)
Worst thing happens any week scattered on the front page
See the happy pair smiling there (???) like they're monkeys
They [something something something] they're holding themselves down
themselves down]
[Feedback/Percussion Bridge]
Paid for politicians rare they act their photos well (????)
Last thing they'll ever do: Act in your interest
Look through the world with your polaroid glasses
Things all look a whole lot better for the working classes [WORKing

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