"Beyond The Black Hole"
Pure science fiction. imagine the adventure of diving
Into one of those black holes, must be pretty exciting.

"Men, Martians And Machines"
So, if "martians" had been coming to earth
In mighty machines, because their planet
Was wasted, mybe we will be the next marsians,
One day conquering another planet.
It might be a turning circle.

"No Stranger (Another Day In Life)"
About the strength you can get when you know
Yourself, and the try to put your power into the
Good things every day.

"Somewhere Out In Space"
Inspired by startrek, the old series, about
Someone freaking out on his intergalactical

"The Guardians Of Mankind"
The story is about the conscience of mankind
Represented as celestial guardians preserving
The balance between good and bad.

"The Landing"
A war of the worldslike accoustic picture

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