In a land, far beyond the sun
Rules the darkness, faceless magician
Black towers which raise into the sky
Castle of tears, shadows passing by

Blood is covering the mighty walls
Of those who lost their skin and bones
No one ever saw the light
Oh, slaves of the night

There's a young man, chained on a stake
Liveless body, he has no strength to break
His shirt is bloody, his head is hanging down
He's meant to die, the ruler took his crown

The wind howles through the emptiness
A different sound as in the past
Screaming echoes in the lanes
Oh, victims of the pain

The clouds passing by, a hole breaks the sky
Light refract the dark and fills the place
White winged horse, such a powerful force
Gallops through the sky to break the chains

The winged horse lands by the one
It snorts and stamps, the escape has just begun
The chains are broken, silence fills the place
He backs the horse with his last ounce of strength

The white horse rears and spreads its wings

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