When you're drowning, when you're freezin', when you're feeling cold
There's a light in the darkness
As the elder always told
When the winter's coming closer
And the autumn is passing by
Then the world will sink in silence
And I think
We all should try

I wanna live my life in a fairy tale
Where the end is always good and never sad
Come Show...
Me the way to another world
Where the sun is always shining in the end

And we fight back the tears
And we lose our fears
Let the world remain in silence for a while (babababa...lalalala...)
Sun in our minds in a world full of ice
Let the silence remain for a little while

Somebody came and slammed the door
Took the feelin' away from our hearts
And the horror took hold of a place in our hearts filled with love

What is left behind the ice, behind the make up and the lies?
Tell me what goes on inside our minds.
There is a hole in our sky, getting bigger, growing wide
No more answer but we hold the line
Ooh yeah!

See and hear what we have done to us all
We wanna be free...more than anything
Do you hear what I say to you?
We will make it through
The sun...shall shine

Hear the words we say and see the light of day
We never will be free until the sun is shining for us all...

Carry on, carry on...
And make your dreams come true
And for a little while we stay together
Carry on...carry on
May all your lovin' stay
And for a little while we stay together...

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