Озеро слез

Мой путь в тенях
Казался мне таким определенным,
Лабиринт тьмы
Без радости выхода для меня.

Путь, который, ведет к тебе
Мне так тяжело найти
И с каждым моим шагом
Я надеюсь, что боги великодушны

Ты забрал мои сомнения, зы забрал мои страхи
Ты провел меня через это озеро слез
Мы так близки, но все еще врозь
Не в моем, но в твоем сердце

Твое теплое и беспокойное сердце
Еще не бъется для меня одной,
Поскольку все еще содержит Воспоминания
О чувствах, ушедших, как я думаю.

Каждый день я надеюсь и молюсь
За твою любовь и чувство
Чтобы ты пришел в мои объятия
И дал нашей любви шанс

Lake of Tears

On the edge of the rainbow
Where eagles learn to fly
All of our dreams, they seemed so clear
Into the morning
Into the light of dawn
We're flying higher than before

And when I see the light
That's shining from your eyes
Even brighter than before
We're riding the wind
To reach the golden dawn
We have done it all before

Here I stand
Call on you again
But my heart is filled with fear
Like an eternal flame

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Music: Hansen, Scheepers, Schachter, Wessel
Lyrics: Hansen, Wessel

I need a new direction
Another thought to serve me right
My mind has got an infection
Where nothing can disturb me,
Where I am free, where I'm forever set

Maybe it's not important
If we are dead or alive.
I never ever wanna listen to the sirens
I'm alive, still alive.
Who says: we are not guilty
I say: we never know the way it goes
Changes - all around me, all inside my head
Changes - changing face, still remaining mad.
Changes -in all day routine.
Hard to enjoy the good times,
Decay is what I feel
God, it's makin' me porous, vanish in haze,
I wonder, wonder if I'm real.
Newflash - under the new regulations
Non-conformity will be punished by law.
Relax - and don't forget to unplug your TV set!
Sigh no more!
For you, you are not guilty,
No, no, you're not responsible at all.
Changes - all around me, all inside my head
Changes - changing face, still remaining mad.
Changes - changing systems, still insane.
Changes - but the madness will remain.
Who is the man who says I'm never gonna die?
It's a lie, it's a lie!
And who is the man who says, I never have a sigh?
It's a lie, it's a lie!
Oppression, resistance
We will never change our way,
The island in my mind is growin'
More and more, day after day.
Changes - all around me now, all inside me now
Changes - wanna cry no more, sigh no more.