Artist: Gabrielle
Song: Give Me A Little More Time
Album: GHV1
Tuning: Standard

Great old soul/mowtown sounding track. I love this song to bits.
I'm not too sure how accurate this is so please correct if need be

Note: The Song on the album is slightly detuned by about 1/8 so you may need to tune down 1/8-1/4 step to
into key with the album

Chord Structure
Bb 113331
BbMaj7 113231 (can subst with F)
Gm 355333
Eb 365343 or 668886
Cadd9 032030
D7 x5453x
F 133211
Dm 557765

Bb Bbmaj7
Gm Dm
Eb Bb
Cadd9 F

Bb Bbmaj7
Gm Dm
Eb Bb
Cad9 F

Gm F
Eb Dm
Cm F Gm

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