Show Off
Verse 1
Let’s get down to the nitty gritty,
I ain’t spitting no more bars that’s pretty.
And I’m from the country even though my flow sounds all city,
Minus the wildin’ and the obscenities.
I am the epitome of swagger, don’t play me siddity,
If you do, it’ll be a real pity.
My flow is gorgeous boy-boy, yours is barely pretty,
Better than me? Don’t play with me silly.
Cause I ain’t even writing these bars, ya’ll working all hard,
Ya’ll against me and God, what a pity silly.
Start calling ya’ll Jada’s (Pinkett-Smith) husband,
Cause on the mic I treat dudes like bikes and pop wheelies silly.
I’m dead serious silly,
Don’t fear me, but fear the God that walks in and near me silly.
Those was jokes, I oppose secular folks,
I’m playing, but just imagine if I was serious silly.
I’m such a show off, I’m cocky in Christ.
I’ll set your show off, I’ll rock you tonight.
My God is so good, I gotta spit life.
Your flow is so wrong, I gotta spit right.
(Repeat 2X)
Verse 2
I’m inspired to consume beats like fire,
And won’t stop eating up baselines until the return of the Messiah.
Dare you to try bro, dare you to try my team,
Dare you to try the princes, dare you to try their King.
King of Kings just wait until the reign, homey,
Thinking you’re damp now, just wait till the reign, homey.
I ain’t no dang phoney and I don’t believe in fakes,
Keep thinking Christ ain’t coming? Just wait.
It’s great for Saints, but it sucks for ain’ts. Listen,
You ain’t got a chance like a turkey at Thanksgiving.
Full of beef and act just like jerky,
Then want to repent, God will throw ya’ll back like jerseys.
Mitchell and Ness was in sin, but I switched to the best,
Like the bench press, had to get sin off of my chest.
It’s a cinch, yes. I hated being bound, I got blessed.
I’m inspired, I got to give it my best.
Verse 3
Somebody needs to throw something at him, how he be rapping.
Bulls-eye bars, just that accurate when I’m rapping.
Like Zack Morris, I run the school. I’m so cool.
Don’t need a “bell to save me”, just the blood of Jesus baby.
I’m Bobby Cox, my rhymes rock, my flow is Brave.
Atlanta, my flow is American, I’m out of your league.
Don’t get tired in Christ dog, I’m never fatigued,
I’m necessary like air to game, I’m what they need.
Do what I tell your ears to do,
And when your ears get the message to you, then move.
Get out of sin, come over here, get out of there,
Get off your feet, get on your knees, like right there.
Get in your word, precept precept, line line.
Reach up, Reach up, Respect, Respect, the Divine.
Jesus Christ, the Nazarene Jew,
Don’t fight the feeling, do what the feeling wills you to do.

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