(No Fear) Loud Mouths (Featuring Judah Man)
Verse 1
Too many sinners and it’s not enough saints,
Not enough isers and it’s too many ain’ts.
Not enough coulder’s and it’s too many can’ts,
The voice of the Lord’s starting to sound faint.
Moving into your future, but grabbed by your past,
Moving in first place, but grabbed by the last.
New creature bound by the past,
Stay stuck then, get flamed by the wrath.
Lock down, ask my dad, ask Paul, ask Saul,
Sin will do it to you, no joke dog.
Woe to the man who thinking he can’t fall,
Ya’ll thinking Jesus soft, like he won’t brawl,
God’ll get it on with the best of yall.
And it’s just that simple,
What you think went down in the temple?
Turning tables over, who’s bolder?
Had to rep God, it was over then solider.
Doing my thing-thing now, cause I’m supposed to,
Binding and losing, the job of a solider.
Trying to play Christ like he a clown,
Nobody took his life, he laid it down.
But it’s your choice, your life,
You chose Satan or you chose J-Christ.
Loud mouth cats real recognize real,
Future’s here, just look in his eyes there’s no fear.
(Repeat 3X)
Verse 2
Future baby,
Sin a little bit? Nah, I used to maybe.
Preach real quick, I’m supposed to baby.
Making these sinners sick, my duty baby.
You need to get down on your knees,
You ain’t been blessed since the last you sneezed.
Probably cause you’re not walking diligently,
Probably cause you’re being Godly just to be seen.
Let me go on ahead and end that quick,
Jesus preached that up in Matthew 6.
Trying to look deep while you out with your click,
God sees your squad like “yall need to quit”.
Chill out with all that fleshly flossin,
Christ said talk to God while you up in your closet.
Flesh in your prayer drain, starting to clog it.
Christian brothers, with no alcohol trying to unclog it.
Verse 3
God’s word is so hot, that when I spit it my lips start to blister,
Anointed to the tee, my flesh can’t exist here.
Tongue like a bullet, lips like a pistol,
Godly with contentment and I done repented.
Check my sermon, God wrote every sentence,
Check my life, God’s hand been all up in it.
Sin got missing, look back like where’s it been at?
Big dogs in Christ, team full of grown men, and,
God not biased to gender, team full of grown women.
Off the deep end in Christ, twelve feet deep and swimming,
Don’t really realize what type of trouble you in.
You can’t win, you’re ending was set in the beginning.
My flow not hot? Who fooled you man?
That there is plain to see,
You ain’t as flame as me.
Future baby on the track with the big dog Judah Man.

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