Mics Down
If I hear one more bar about a club or a bar
Or a chick or a broad or a watch or a car
I’ll be done with this rap game cause ya’ll not flowing
More than money to get into heaven but ya’ll cats not knowing
With the heal of my foot I can bruise a snakes head
It ain’t fair it’s favor like Bishop Jakes said
Step in the midst of my storm and tell that to chill
While cats pop guns for problems ya’ll dudes is ill (Come on now chill)
Stay in the will of the Lord
See how many bills go by that you can’t pay for
How many nice females you meet instead of trifling whores
How many men we meet instead of dealing with these boys
How many ties we make instead of starting these wars
Man we the dynasty, a family of rulers
Get in the gates with my Timex who needs a Frank Mueller
And I’m not arrogant that’s just what my Pops told me
And if I didn’t preach His Gospel my Pops would probably scold me
I’ll go into war without semis or revolvers
We were born to win inherited that from our Father
Lawyer in the court room ultimate problem solver
Cause we peculiar people a royal priesthood
Preach the Gospel on blocks, projects, and neighborhoods
Or either burn in hell but my point is understood
(CalledOutt…what up?)
Put your mics down, these kids don’t need that
Put your mics down, Holy Scripture, they need that
Put your mics down, we don’t need your feed back
Put your mics down, last days the Future (repeat)
Yo I become all things to all men that I may win some
The hottest thing hitting the streets since the sun check one
Beside the Future’s name the future of the game
You secular rap cat’s is lame and I’m calling your name
Anyone who is not praising his name
Or anyone who is opposing his name you cats can get it the same
And I dare yall to come and get me
Gods favor will tame that mane
Front hard Christ will unclog your drain I’m not playing
Don’t make me aim and spit at your brain
Don’t make me spit scriptures at your brain
I spit scripture til your flesh starts to chippin off man
Genesis to Revelation bang again and again
Yall sayin dumb stuff like I can’t win
Stephen Brown put it the best and I quote “but with Jesus I can”
You not for us you against us and I hate that man
Cause God’s sons cannot lose and you cannot win
Back in the day cats had manners like no and yes ma’am
Now they walking on the blocks with glocks and techs man
So you hard alright then partner I guess man
But you no tougher than the cops or the next man
Scared to death for your spirit inside I’m vexed man
Give ya life to Christ in the next second
Ya’ll know the Messiah the one who sits on the father’s right hand
That man make up your mind now are you coming or going
Scripture says blink your eyes won’t no saints be showin
Defying all gravity laws in heaven and floating
And if you see my pants sagging it’s cause of the Bible I’m toting
God is so hot loaf bread cats in a minute you’re toast
I brag not in my flesh but in my spirit I boast
Big dudes pushin a point when you should be postin
Sinner man your lifestyle is bogus
Walkin around here with satan, at any second your life will be over
Close your life to the world don’t leave yourself open
Drownin in this ocean of sin when you should be floatin
Take this how you will from your brother and your friend
Pray that you hear it in Jesus name Amen

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