Excuse Me Sis

Excuse me sis allow me to introduce myself
I’m the Future, I rap with L.G. Wise
I talk loud about Jesus Christ and I don’t apologize
And I’ll tell you something else
When I saw you from the watch counter
I looked at you sis and was dumbfounded
I mean my hands started sweating my heart was pounding
I felt is necessary to come around here
And I ain’t like most of them other jokers from around here
That’ll come around here with cute lines to try to get into your panties
But I just felt the need that “she” should probably get to know “he”
Meaning you should know me and maybe you and I could start to discuss we
(Nah I’m just playin I’m gettin ahead of myself)
All jokes aside though and seriously
Was thinking maybe we could exchange the D-I-G-I-Ts
Get to know you a little better
Let me give you my number give me a call if you ain’t doin nothing else

Excuse me sis but I was thinking that maybe you can come and talk to me
And after this I was hoping that God, you, and I could walk together as we
The steps of a righteous man are ordered and I trust that this is true
So it was in God’s will that on that day I was to meet you

So you’re from just outside of the mountains (Rocky)
And when I was watching you from the watch counter you were watching me
That’s actually quite interesting
I wouldn’t think a girl like you would like a guy like me
I mean I’m touring, recording, and doing work
And you work in a department store, in school to be a nurse
But I think that this could work
As long as we keep things in perspective and we keep God first
Cause I don’t have intentions on falling
And to make sure that’s sure we both should have the Lord to call on
But I’m impressed thus far and call it prayerful thinking
But I’m pretty sure you are
And I don’t know maybe
I was possibly thinking that “he” and “she” could go catch a movie
Split “dumb dumbs” and pop corn and talk more about we
Just check your schedule sis and call me tomorrow


I really like your folks they were great
We got to laugh and joke a little bit I even fixed me a plate
And my moms and them like you a lot
Plus my little brother Logan told me later he thought you were pretty hot
I’m really glad that I met you
It’s kinda like we fit, it’s kinda like we click to
I like all of your friends all of my friends like you
I like you a lot sis you were a really good find
But we have to set up some guidelines
And I know it’s going to be hard especially since were both so fine
And I find you attractive
But from here on out fornication for us, ain’t no happenings
Trust me it’ll be much better for “he”
It’ll be much better for “she”
It’ll be much better for “we”
Saved relationship where God gets all of the glory
I could tell you more but just ask Dori


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