I Can’t Apologize

I don’t know if it’s the weight of my bars
That got these play play barely brethren shook like I’ve done them some harm
I don’t know if it’s my boyish charm
That when I walk by, dudes squeeze they girls so tight, they bruise they arms
I don’t know if it’s my posture
I’m only 5’9 a buck 55
But dudes hating me like I’m a monster
Don’t know if it’s my offensive language
Or the dudes that I hang with, that got ya’ll feeling like ya’ll in danger
I wonder if it’s in my eyes
I wonder if it’s in my voice I wonder if it’s in my boys
I wonder why, when I walk by, it could be dead silent but it just feels like noise
With all of these yapitty-yappers and their theatrics
It a wonder that most of ya’ll hating that I’m a rapper
This is my point B,
I’m like “B-RAD”, ”Don’t be hating” cause He who is Greater choose to anoint me

I can’t apologize for Grace, I can’t apologize for Favor, I can’t apologize for my SAVIOR, but if it’s one thing I am sorry about, is you brothers and sisters mad that I made it, I can’t apologize for Grace, I can’t apologize for Favor, I can’t apologize for my SAVIOR, but I’m sorry you hating

Well maybe it’s the pride in my stride
Or maybe it’s the way that I spit, maybe it’s my genius and wit
Or maybe it’s who I spit with
God hooked this up with Wise, all I did was prayed for it
And you dudes behaving like this
I’m getting to give back to us and this is the thanks I get
You brothers and sisters should quit
I feed off ya’ll, but what you giving me now is making me sick
And I hate to think its my complexion so maybe it’s my tone and inflection
Maybe I’m in the right direction
Or maybe you feel like if I fall off then that makes you the next one (nahhh)
There’s only room for one Neo and he owes exactly one nothing to you people
Pray for me I dare you
You should be glad that one crab did it the right way and got the barrel


Or maybe cause I walk in rhythm
Or cause I ain’t your typical Christian, or maybe cause when I talk they listen
Or is it cause last October, when I was out on the road, a couple of folks might’ve missed him
Or is it cause I talk with a swagger
And everything I say you know I can back up
Or is it cause I roll with back up
And the fact remains they’ll do anything to protect my back bra
Or is it cause I talk in cadence
And I walk in integrity, and I’ll spark your brain up
Or maybe it’s cause my bars is “bananas” and I’m just a “dumb ape” but God choose me to handle ‘em
Or maybe you don’t think I’m smart
“He’s just a dumb [email protected]” how is he playing this part
Or maybe it’s the size of my heart
And how some how I keep it moving when ya’ll failing to start
Or maybe you feel like I should fail
I mean my daddy just died, my folks is broke, how am I doing this well
Or maybe cause of past “Skinnin’ & Grinnin’” and “Sniggelin’ & Giggelin” you feel like I deserve to be in hell
WELL INHALE (breath) I doing good, I’m wonderful, I’m great in fact
And the bottom line is I’m the Future… Just ask yourself what’s not to love about that?!


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