M: T. Wingenfelder/G. Drnek
T: K. Wingenfelder

We're worrying 'bout our little daily problems and while we
Sleep in our lxury beds, the world is running out of control.

you don't get your dreamjob
'cause you're too tall
you miss your wakeup-call
a drunken guy crashed in your car
can't pay for your drinks at the bar
your boss said it was nice to work
with you, you think he's just a jerk
the new shoes you bought
are ruined after a mile

the sheets are warm
the fridge is filled
what's up buddy
everything's so funny
living in the land of milk and honey

and now your girlfriend sold
your favourite cd
they've towed your car away
while watching girls you fell off a tree
and that was hard
but now the best
you haven't seen one girl undressed
mummy said they'll take you
out of college

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