M: G. Drnek/C. Stein-Schneider/R. Schumann/H. Schdfer
T: K. Wingenfelder

burn a candle set a light
keep on going against the stream
be as mean as mean can be
as long as you're not to extreme
read the papers watch the news
be informed and get the blues
collect your garbage use the subway
swaying you stay on the roof
search for solutions for the future
find resources drill for oil
raise some powerplants and then
burry them under the soil
rome is burning the emperor sings
waiting for what time may bring
his body caressed by the virgins
laughing shy he turns around
and spits into the fire

and hopes that he can calm it down
fight the flames with words
cause they're cheaper than water
thinking he can heal the world
but the only thing he really does
is sitting on a sofa
and spit into the fire

rabbits hopping on the green
and jump directly in your pan
turtles transform into soup
enjoy them as long as you can
silent sitting writing songs
'bout all the idiots that pretend
that their words can change the world
I think I'm right but in the end
I spit into the fire

Stop talking. Move your as.
Suport Greenpeace, Amnesty International
Or anybody who's trying to help.

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