M: T. Wingenfelder
T: K. Wingenfelder

160 beats per minute
is the only thing that I hear
everybody is dancing with themselves
no whispering in each others ear

being hopeless at the DJ's mercy
I told him once and told him twice
to play a slow song for me and my baby
but he didn't wanna follow my advice

loving couples all over the world
united there is hope
let's get some drinks for the boys and girls
and for the DJ a rope

hang the DJ hang him high
kill this bastard kiss goodbye

another night another DJ
but somehow everything's the same
flashing lights and my baby smiles
I saw the DJ and I knew I'll loose this game

she's got that look something in her eyes
the music starts and snap it's gone
you've killed my dream now it's on you
you bloody ignorant bastard son

the DJ lynchmob says goodbye
to all the jerks that made us cry

Euro Beat is the only thing that makes
Me think about Death penalty

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