M: G. Drnek
T: K. Wingenfelder

Gero wrote this one during the "Mono" production.
It was one of the longest pregnancies I've ever heard of.
If there's someone up there, he should be able to see what is
Happening down here. I won't send my son to a rubbish dump.

between the stars we're sitting here
our wifes are having breakfast now
down on earth the skies are clear
oh how we wish that they were here
watching the dirty atmosphere
we're searching for a place
for the human race
out in space

down there's america
down there's africa
down there are still people who think
that mankind is the most important thing

we'll circle till eternity
around the world in minutes we
understand the history
the whole human catastrophy
good morning ground control

will my dog still know who I am
get shaved and it'll be allright
will we return to what we know
everything's gonna be allright
but if you ask me I don't know
if I really want to go
back down there

down there glows america
down there glows africa
down there burn people who think
that mankind is the most improtant thing

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