today I met JFK
I found him by the way
yes he looked a little strange
but he said he was o.k.
I asked him 'bout the bullets
he said he didn't bother
this shit is too long ago
you ask my brother

so I went back on the road
looking out for bob
I've been looking now for seven days
I think that it's a flop
so I believe we won't find out
from where the bullets came
and all that's left is just a big heep

I saw him on the tv
they said he stabbed his wife
so they put him on the frontpage
and they ruined his life
no matter if he's guilty
the matter is he's black

a football hero movie star
and maybe he's on crack
your private life on tv
get ready for the game

of american shame
that's the name of the game
of american shame

get ready for american shame
american shame...

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