["Punctuality is stressed in this household. By that, I mean hair is combed and faces and hands scrubbed before the boys come to the table so they won't delay the meal. Now, mother and daughter put the finishing touches on the dinner. Father, too, looks forward to this date with the family. He has had a hard day at the office and in his briefcase are some contracts which must be looked over tonight. But in the meantime, he will relax at dinner with those he loves."]

Let's grab some cash from Dad's wallet while he's asleep
And while we're at it, let's steal the old man's keys
We'll take his Volvo downtown, cruise around, check out the scene
We'll buy some beer and then do donuts in the parking lot across the street

While the old man is asleep
Into his bedroom we will creep
We'll steal his money and his keys
While the old man is asleep

Let's crack open his liquor cabinet and have a few
A couple for me, 15 for you!
Hey, take it easy, that's Dad's favourite chair you're covering in puke!

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