["Let's take a look at your love life. Whoever originated the phrase, 'the way to a man's heart is through the stomach' must have been referring to the Cancer girl. You really know how to dine a man and seduce him with all sorts of tempting and exotic dishes, don't you? This is fine, but just make sure you don't get nervous and start nibbling too much during the preparation of all this delectable food, because you tend to put on weight easily, then you may find that the romantic atmosphere of the candlelight dinner you've taken such pains to prepare is not quite so effective."]

My girlfriend thinks she's fat
But she doesn't look fat to me
Girls always think they're fat
I think they read too many magazines

I take her out to dinner
She hardly eats a thing
She calls herself a cow
And I say, "How 'bout a little (how 'bout a little) [3x]

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