And I'm thinking, "Great! Maybe now something will change."
But surprise, surprise, all the candidates are the same
Well, I've been holding my breath and I've been hoping for the best
But now I'll have to close my eyes when I make my X
'cause I don't see the point 'cause there's not one there to see
And if there is a difference could you point it out to me?
Will it always be a choice between the devil or his twin?
Anyway you slice it, it's never us that wins
And if there was a difference, it's long been sucked away
A hand is shook, a promise sold, a smile in place, a story told
A day is named, a door is closed, a mask exchanged, no scam exposed

And we've been screaming for years, but it falls on deaf ears
Why is it all we ever get is short-sighted power-hungry jerks?
I'm not totally against the system, I just want it to work

Slight of hand of the political practice
One turns the screws while the other distracts us
The doctor is sick and nobody cares

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