"You're doin' it fuckin' wrong!"]

(A kick in the ass
A slap in the face
A knife in the back for the minimum wage)

Well, today I got a government cheque
Am I gonna get drunk? Oh yeah, you bet!
Gonna paint the town red till my money's all spent
Then blame it on the government
I quit my job. Why? Cuz it stunk
But I still get a cheque twice a month
I sit around on my ass and I get paid by the working class

Well, I worked for years, but it didn't pay
A kick in the ass, a slap in the face
They showed me the door when I asked for a raise

"Did you like your job?" Nobody does.
"Well, why'd you quit?" Well, because
I don't need a job. What the heck?
Canada Post will bring my cheque
And with every bottle that I drink
I sit and I think and I think and I think
About the people to whom I owe my keep

[CHORUS 1 over top of:]

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