(Written by Dave Wailin', originally recorded by Honest Injun)

["A-gone gone gone, she been gone so long."]
["Le club de hockey Canadiens, le club de hockey Canadiens
Possede toujours les meilleurs joueurs, possede toujours les meilleurs joueurs"]
(["The Canadian hockey team, the Canadian hockey team
Always has the best players, always has the best players."])
["Now, that's enough from me. I'm hungry, I'm an old man, I'm tired, I'm dry. All I'll say is 'Seig heil,' and 'Let's go eat'."]

America crushed Germany to save its pretty face
America's now the Fatherland, the whole world's now a no-fun place
The whole world's now a Jewish race

Fatherland America
McDonald's land, America

Nazi scientists in US laboratories
Paved the way for our democracy
Fascism and democracy
Now they go hand-in-hand

Fatherland America
Legoland America

For your freedom to be installed
They say that they'll take it away,
But only just for a little while
Yeah, only just for a little while
Only just for a little while

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