["I wonder what my credit rating is?"
"It is exactly what you make it."]

You said you've been taken
You said you had it hard
Your race was run before you could even start
Now it's cold, it's cruel and it's sharp
Now you're on your own without your daddy's credit card

You said you've been taken
You said you've been screwed
Ripped off, fucked over and abused
Now there's tears in your eyes and you're confused
I wonder just what you expect me to do

Isn't that too bad? You've blown every chance you've ever had
Isn't that too bad? And now you're forced to live like that
Isn't that too bad? You say your life's a living hell
Isn't that too bad? But I've seen you bring it on yourself

You say you can't believe this losing streak you're in
But your excuses are staring to wear thin
Now you're pounding on my door at 3 AM

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