It's cold outside and the rain is pouring down
and there's nothing I can do but keep on driving 'round
I search my memories but never find the place

It's cold outside and I've been driving all night
One night I searched a thousand dreams, I stood on sacred ground
I stopped and dug a shallow place to lay her down

It's cold outside and I'm a haunted man
It's cold outside and now I'm cold within
It's cold outside and I know I'll never find that place again

Every night, every dream
Sunken eyes staring up at me

(at 3:12:)
["Some time later, Yuri Gagarin reported again: 'Feeling well. I'm in good spirits. I'm continuing with the flight. Everything is going well. The machine is working normally.' These laconic messages, full of courage and confidence, which, already today, belong to history, were recorded on tape. Here is this historic recording. Here is the voice of the world's first astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, from aboard the Soviet spaceship Vostok:"]

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