(Music LaCara 1994-'95 - Lyrics Fabban 1993)

Down the meanders of myself
to be mirrored in my soul
I have seen the ancients
I am ready to receive and possess the knowledge
order born of chaos to end in chaos destined to raise new order
this is the eternal strain that balances the cosmic forces
the eternal strain that makes human beings vibrate
I know and dream in absolute secretness
and finally born my inner flame of extreme devoutness
I need to run along my way

my life complies with the Moonsky - Diana-Ishtar Nana-Lilith
the great goddess triumphant bestower of joys
with her meantalions and grace

She's my goddess
the goddess of the ancient age
the overthrow of opression the pride of the looser
my life complies with the corpse of the sun
Lucifer the morning Star the first opposition the birth of life
I've reached my inner peace the life I always sought
a long calvary into the imagination
mirrored in reality

the journey has now begun into the parallel dimension

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